Tips to Get Monster Legends

How far are you have a monster?

Are they limited to C, UC, E or already have monster Legends?

Wah ,,,,, once would have been nice if ya get a monster legends, why not! Monster legends have more skill than the other monsters. One of the advantages monster legends are in addition to life forms waw, also a skill that can get into all elements. So it is very beneficial during battle.


However, behind the excess skills they have, to obtain any required effort. There are two ways you can do:

1. Pay or Pay

2. Free or free

> For the first way you could do with the purchase of gems are arguably quite expensive but save energy and simple but drain your pockets.

> Perhaps the second way more have everyone including admin ,,,, hehehehe. he, always free is always an option. To take this second way you need effort and patience. To obtain monster legends is difficult, but you need to try this way are likely to produce a monster legends of breeding.

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