The Persona 3 iconic venue is found in Persona 5 data

Rumors and speculation indeed had appeared about Atlus’s plan to re-release Persona 3 in Remake format, using the style and visual quality ala Persona 5. This rumor alone had strengthened after Atlus officially announced two dance games for the two different series, but with significant visual changes for the characters of Persona 3. Apart from the rumors that had moved wild, Atlus himself did not provide any official comment or confirmation. The hope is even greater with what is found from the datamining process for Persona 5 itself.

All gamers who had tasted Persona 3 does not seem familiar with what Iwatodai Dorm. For those of you who are not familiar, he is one of the iconic spaces that have always been a gathering place for the characters of Persona 3 before starting the action. Through the process of datamining for the Playstation 3 version, gamers found that the space was apparently loaded in the map data Persona 5. The shape is similar to what we know, but the whole is present without texture.


This of course strengthens the speculation that Atlus is planning to re-release Persona 3 for the current generation platform using the engine of Persona 5. Although there has been no confirmation, but the indication is strong. But keep in mind that it is also not possible that Iwatodai Dorm in this map data ends no more than just the Atlus testing results when developing Persona 5 and does not lead to anything at the end. This is a new source of hope for gamers who do want a Persona 3 re-release for the current generation console.

How about you? Do you think the appearance of the Persona 3 map in Persona 5 data does indicate a planned Remake process? Or is nothing more than “trash” testing left by Atlus just like that?

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