PES 2018 PC version Ensured Use Denuvo

It’s interesting to see what the popularity of the latest PES series – PES 2018 PC version, especially in Indonesia. Having been known as a “gaming specification” game because of a less demanding requirement, Konami has finally confirmed that for this year’s PC version, it will follow the equivalent visualization quality of the console. And as far as the eye can see, the official specification thrown is counted up significantly. Not only that, following what they also applied in the year 2016 ago, this year’s series will also carry Denuvo anti-piracy system.


Not appearing on Store Steam’s main page for PES 2018, the certainty of this information precisely surfaces from one of the branches available in SteamDB. That despite the fact that this anti-piracy system no longer feels relevant due to an active hacker bombardment, Konami still relies on it to protect his flagship sports game. Which are interesting? CPY – as the hack team itself has a “special relationship” with this one game. As a team of Italian hackers, they had time to criticize the issue of license for Juventus when hacking PES 2017 ago.

With the certainty that the issue of this license still occurs in PES 2018, including Juventus which seems to be a favorite team CPY, does it mean we will see the same trend as last year? Or Denuvo for PES 2018 will be effective? Let’s wait.

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