Monster Legends: Tips to play early in the game

Monster Legends can be regarded as another version of Dragon City, if at Dragon City we will raise a dragon, then we will raise Legends Monster monster. The concept of the game was also very similar. Maybe for you guys good at playing Dragon City, you would not be in trouble to play this game. But, those who have never tried Dragon City and just play this game, you may experience a bit of trouble later. Therefore I try to give you some tips on playing Monster Legends for the start of the game or the first day when perminan started, please be listened to.

Important Terms You Must Have:

Hours Online High

Because now I’m talking about tips on playing Monster Legends at the beginning of the game, then of the hours of online high-surely you must have, because at the start of the game, the process of building a building, breeding monsters, hatching monster, surely everything will take place with time very fast and there are even some that only takes a few minutes. Therefore, you should always be online whenever you can, if you want the world to rapidly growing monster you later.
Some Tips on Home Games:

Complete Every Goal Available

At the beginning of the game, Goal will probably be the main source of income of you, ranging from XP, Gem, Gold, and others. But, there is one thing you need to remember in carrying out tasks in Goal. You should see what tasks given by Goal, when a given task is a task which in turn can reduce the Gem of you, should you delay the first task, except for the prize to be gained is a gem.

Dismiss All Existing Bullies

The purpose of the bullies here are objects obstructions such as rocks, trees, shrubs, and others that can make you can not build a building because it was blocked by such objects. Try to get rid of that having a fast time and low cost in advance. Because if you keep getting rid of costly and time beforehand, you will be in the developing world monster distress you, because the resources and time you will be used up by things earlier ..

Focus On The Monster preemptively

Typically, you still have very little food at the beginning of the game, therefore I suggest that you focus on increasing the level of the monster alone. Because I think it’s better to have a monster that is very strong and two weak monsters, rather than having three monsters were mediocre. Well, when there is one monster you already felt strong enough, then perhaps you can focus on other monster-monster.

Take advantage of the Adventure Map

Once you have that you think the squad is strong enough to fight, you can test power in the Adventure Map. In this mode you can get a lot of XP, Gold, and Food in just a few minutes, on condition that you must have an army strong enough to continue to fight in the next level. Why should always play at the next level? because the level previously successful you win, the entire treasure at that level will be lost due to your previous download, so you will not mendaptkan anything other than getting a gift from Spin Roulette.

Pressing Like Button and Play Dragon City

Examine the image of the thumb on the right side, where you will find several options, press the options like, and you will be given the order to play Dragon City until level 10, after you did it, you only need to press a claim reward, and you will receive a prize of a monster element nature and earth named Dragonian Beast.

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