LawBreakers Must Stay On

Sadly it seems like the proper word to describe what happened to Cliff Bleszinski’s latest game of concoction, the brain behind the Gears of War series in the past, which now has its own studio and product blend. Trying to get into the arena of the shooter arena market that is still wide open, he introduced LawBreakers who admirably, reaching quite positive criticism from gamers and reviewers. But unfortunately, the praise is not seen in sales figures, which is even more worrying. Had touched the player’s “0” at two points over the last few days, LawBreakers looked like he was at the end of his life. But Cliff B himself is still optimistic.


“I have to make sure this game has to stay alive,” that’s the commitment voiced by Cliff B in his latest interview with GameSpot. He knows and understands that the current player numbers are low, but he is optimistic LawBreakers can survive. He mentioned that the same case happened with Warframe in the past. But the developer’s commitment to continue to support him with more improvements and content succeeds in making him not only survive, but also makes Warframe popular now. To make this figure increase, Cliff B calls it will offer not only new content, but may also hold a free weekend or maybe a discount later on.

Cliff believes that Lawbreakers if likened to a run, is a marathon competition and not a short distance run. It is a project that must be done and perfected. The low-scoring number is also called Cliff B making it now more humble. He understands that in social media, he does seem very arrogant and not hesitate to boast. But this experience will make it more grounded. One is for sure, with all the positive praise he receives from the quality of the existing gameplay, he is quite surprised that LawBreakers have to deal with the problem of the number of players like this.

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