Injustice 2 Recommend Two New Criminals Characters

The strength of this fighting game will be located on three things: the gameplay mechanics, continuous balancing process, and of course – the iconic character that he stretcher. For this last matter, the latest project being worked on by Netherrealm Studios – Injustice 2 would not seem to trouble him. With a myriad of superhero and villain characters from the DC Universe that he can use, the second series which will continue the story of the first series timeline is constantly introduced via a variety of the latest trailer. Now they are focusing on the character of criminals.

Through a new trailer titled “It’s Good to be Bad”, Injustice 2 focuses on the four villain that two of them, show themselves for the first time to the public. That’s right, two characters villain – Captain Cold and the Scarecrow likely to join. You can also see sekelibat about ordinary attack animations and their pemungkas respectively. Scarecrow Design sinister and Captain Cold “cold” mainstay.

Injustice 2 itself will be released on May 16, 2017 for the Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Netherrealm Studios still has not talked about the PC version at all related to the release of this one.

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