How to Play Monster Legends correctly

Admin This article will provide tips on how to play Monster Legends is already available on multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Facebook :). A little info, this game is actually an adaptation of the previous game Dragon City, admin taste some already know how to play.


Due to the adaptation of the previous game means to play the game was not much different, things that most distinguishes between these two games are:

1. Hero Legends

2. Time (time) in constructing the building.

The point of discussion tips How to play this game is:
+ Hints Game
+ List of Egg ML (Monster Legends)
+ List ML
+ Building in ML
+ How Breeding (Inflate bred ML)
+ Adventure Game Battle in ML
+ How to Win Easily in Dungeon ML
+ Time Challenges in ML
+ Tips to Get Monster Legends
Note: To read simply click on any point :). But most of the articles are still Coming soon (soon released)

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