Hint Monster Legends Game

Game instructions are quite need to be discussed, especially for beginners. Why reasonably necessary? Because if one makes the step-step in the game, will leave you hard to develop it.

Well, the admin will try to share a bit of the most urgent things you need to know, especially for beginners. The important thing is:

1. How to get a lot of Gold in ML
Gold is a tool that is used to purchase goods and buildings. Gold is also the most important element in this game :), so you should be able to know how to get it to be gamers who are successful in this game. And what do I get this gold?


Gold is you can get with:

>> Gathering of habitat> is a major source of gold

>> Sell item> in the form of monsters and eggs (pretty good)

>> Destroying the remains meteoroit and shrubs> possibility to get food or gems …. 🙂

>> Always win in the daily reward, and this should do> for more revenue

>> Go to the supermarket dragon 🙂 hehehehe. There you can get food and gold. Dragon market does take a long time, but you can shorten it by way invite friends or with gems (gems).

>> The last way is entered in monster legends fan pages. There is a lot of reward you can get, one of which is gold. To participate please click the image below.


2. thrill of playing in Monster Arena
Monster arena is a place where we will play hardball with anyone else who searched randomly, your opponent could be from the version of android, iOS and Facebook. The first step you should do is find opponents that match the skill hero that you will pertarungkan and of course looking for the same level kemenagan let you larger.

Reward in the monster arena varies depending on the level of your opponent, the higher the level, the more rewards you get, but on condition that you have to win too :). Reward can be in the form of gold, food, and gift assortment spin.

3. How to get a lot of food (Food)
Food or food used to raise the level of monsters become stronger. Food can be obtained in various ways:

1. Monstet market. Tips in this market are the monsters you have to have a lot of friends in monster legends that are still active. Each monster market open, you just hire another friend to speed up the process.

2. Accepting a gift from a friend.

3. Accept the mystery eggs

4. Accept when your friends visit the base and click on your farm or farm.

5. Complete the mission

6. Daily Bonus

7. Buy with gems

8. The last way Monster legends join fan pages, you can click the photo before.

Note: This is an image of food you should prepare for a hero who wants to level up ….. 🙂

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