Dawn Horizon Zero Dev : Sony Give Us Freedom for Creative!

You can hate or fall in love with Sony Interactive Entertainment. Gamers who had tasted generation Playstation console, which has existed for at least 20 years old may include one develops quite positive feelings toward the brand this one. But one thing can not be denied from Sony? Their ability to ensure their party first developer, able to spawn fantastic games. Just look lunge like Naughty Dog developer, Quantic Dreams, Sony Santa Monica, and the latter Guerrilla Games are just throwing fantastic open-world game – Horizon Zero Dawn to the market. What is the secret that was carried by a Japanese company?


Believe it or not, creative freedom. Just as the reason why Hideo Kojima finally develops Death stranding under the banner of Sony, the same thing also expressed by Creative Director of Guerrilla Games – Hermen Hulst in his latest interview. Speaking with Dutch-language sites – AT5, Hulst mentions that Sony actually let them do whatever they want. The only thing to consider is to make sure the games they racik can sell, and nothing more.

As far as the eye can see, Sony’s move seems sweet fruit. With exclusive gaming projects an increasingly attractive and libraries that looked solid in the future, the creative freedom seems to be a “solution” that qualified to strengthen the Playstation brand itself. Good job, Sony!

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